Mobile App Development

We have developed several applications on mobile platforms and devices included iPhoneTM, iPadTM, and AndroidTM.

Our mobile professionals apply cutting edge design along with tested, proven and dependable backend technology to create impressive mobile experiences. We apply the most current UI techniques and adhere to the highest development standards in the industry. The sites we deploy utilize device detection capabilities to create the optimal experience for each user.

Foto B

FotoB is designed for baby's photo shoot.
Not only do we provide the photo decoration after taking a photo, but we make it fun, Draw-Before-Shoot.

Android                      iOS

Babyday Diaper

"Babyday Diaper" app is designed for customer that interested in the diaper product.
It provides product information, features of Babyday diaper and order methods.

Android                      iOS

Fai Chun Talent

"Fai Chun Talent" is a fun and interactive app designed for kids to learn differnt chinese new year greeting. It provies Cantonese and Mandarine pronunciation for different greetings.

Android                      iOS

Other Android Apps


iPhone Apps


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